Web Design Process

In order to complete a design project that is in budget, on time and done in professional manner, it is important I approach it in few phases. This allows me to keep everything in order from planning to execution. Usually they come down to these general few.

For example, when designing a website I tend to set my workflow in the following order:



  • Initial consultation – Lets find out what is that you need, maybe over a coffee? Phone call will suffice
  • Research – getting to know the specific markets and clients
  • Planning – Time frame, initial price quote and other essentials
  • Concept Designs – Dream BIG!

It is important to get to know my clients need and expectations. Understanding the competition and customers preferences is invaluable! Knowing how long the project will take and how much it will cost is something everyone appreciate, too.

At the end of this stage I consult with my client on the results of research, present the initial ideas and my quote proposal for the specific job. Its time for…



  • User Experience design – customers need to find what you are looking for, without too much of a hussle.
  • Wire-framing – colourful boxes everywhere!
  • Creating design mockups – who like to look at the boxes all the time?

Many websites just look great thanks to fancy effects. Great websites send the business message clearly, allow the visitors ease of access and give a pleasure of interacting with it.

This is the best moment to do any necessary revisions. Be aware, sometimes unexpected or additional changes might occur during any phase, which can alter the final price!

But if both parties are happy I then move to…



  • Converting designs into HTML&CSS, or WordPress Structure – now my designs can come to life.
  • Browser testing – there is a FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Lets not forget about desktops and mobile devices…

During this stage a good workflow is crucial to getting the job done in time, so the content shouldn’t be changed until the end of this project.




  • Moving website to live server – lets show the world the final website
  • Client training – not everyone is a Web-Wizz!
  • Finalising payments

During the training part I will happily explain & show how to change the text and image content on the website as well as maintain it in working order. It’s worth mentioning that moving the website to a live server may only happen when all of the agreed payments are made.

If you would like to know how I approach a logo design, read about my graphic design process.

If you are interested in working with me do get in touch!


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