Fresh Design Resources, July 2016

Hey there! It is awesome that guys at WebdesignerDepot supply us with monthly collection of resources and tools that will make the most out of our design skills. I love when people are committed to bring the best of the best in terms of freebies, to make our lives easier when working on a project.

find the list here.


On a hunt for new website?


I’ll keep it short and simple.

I want to offer you all website development service. To keep it as pleasant experience as possible for everyone involved, I created a set menu, so to speak. But, additional services can be added at anytime, for a disclosed fee. See Terms and Conditions for more details.


Clever Carrot’s Web development include:

  • WordPress setup with necessary plugins installation
  • Responsive and mobile friendly theme, that reflect your business identity
  • 5 main sub-pages, including landing page
  • Social Media links


All you have to do is purchase your preferred domain name and allow me the access. I will follow my Web Development Process to keep the project in budget and on time.





Creativity Boosting Food

healthy foods

I recently jumped on the “keeping fit & healthy eating” train. I looked more in-depth into foods that can affect my energy and if there are any foods that can boost my creativity. Below I put together a list of few of them. Should I even mention that these six mind-boosting goodies be consumed in moderation?



creative boost food